How to depersonalize Amazon Ads in Facebook

Apr 26, 2018 7:43:53 AM / by Himanshu Dwivedi

As many mobile users of Facebook know, personalized Ads is a way of life. While the personalized Ad experience may be nice, you might be a bit creeped out when a product you were just searching for on Amazon’s desktop site now shows up as an Ad seconds later in the Facebook mobile app. While there is nothing shady here (re-targeting is the marketing term), you might want to prevent this from happening. To do so, complete the following steps:

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  1. Login to
  2. Browse to
  3. Select “Do Not Personalize Ads from Amazon for this Internet Browser” and hit Submit
  4. Done!

After step 3 is completed, you should no longer see Amazon recent shopping history in your Facebook mobile app. Please note you may still see Amazon Ads, but they should not be tied to you most recent searches on

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Himanshu Dwivedi

Written by Himanshu Dwivedi

CEO of Data Theorem, Inc.